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    Eugenia is a Singaporean-born, British East Asian character actress of Chinese heritage based in London. 

    An expressive, naturalistic performer with a feisty edge, Eugenia leaps fearlessly into larger-than-life characters with the same commitment to vulnerability and truth that she delivers in subtler, more realistic roles. Endearingly quirky and lovable in comedic parts, she is equally at home playing driven, grounded, caregiving authority figures. She is a natural, intuitive problem-solver who applies her skills considerately and efficiently, avoiding fuss at all costs.

    Eugenia's theatrical interests range from feminist political theatre and diverse and inclusive new writing, to original cue-script Shakespearean practice. In London, she has performed at the Arcola Theatre, Theatre 503, and the Park Theatre.

    In 2017, she was part of BBC Radio 4’s groundbreaking audio drama ‘Quake’, which won Silver for Best New Show at the 2017 Audio and Radio Industry Awards with feedback describing it as “world class & brilliantly executed”. She also appeared in Ian Pons Jewell's hilarious award-winning 'I Love Doing Dishes' commercial for Finish dishwasher tablets.

    Eugenia recently completed a 4-month run playing high stakes poker player Madam Wu (character originally played by Tsai Chin) in Secret Cinema's 'Casino Royale', directed by Angus Jackson and Tom Maller.




    Eugenia Low: 5 tips for performing Shakespeare's verse

    - Susan Elkin, The Stage




    "Eugenia Low is particularly hilarious as Nguyen; her deadpan remarks that exasperate her daughter... are wonderful and delivered with excellent comic timing" - Emily Pulham on 'Taking Filght' (New Diorama), Everything Theatre

    "BC... represents the microcosm of the British-Chinese community... Eugenia Low portrays a British immigrant with great veracity" - Madhia Hussain on 'Taking Flight' (New Diorama), Live Theatre UK

    "[A} fresh production with some impressive verse speaking and crystal clear story telling... Eugenia Low manages to create a compelling blend of light other worldliness and physical solidity in Ariel" - Susan Elkin on 'The Tempest' (Cockpit Theatre), Sardines Magazine



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