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The Wetsuitman
Foreign Affairs Theatre Company,
Rose Lipman Building, 2022

"Innovative and memorable theatre experience"

"In a cavernous room and stripped back production, three energetic, heartfelt performances from David Djemel, Eugenia Low and Youness Bouzinab fully embody 28 roles."

"Through a dramatic smorgasbord of characters, ... actions and emotions build with sure-footed skill"
* * * * *

- Nilgin Yusuf, London Pub Theatres

Richard II


Shakescene Shakespeare: Richard II

Lockdown Zoom Livestreams, 2021

"Richard II, played by the incredible Eugenia Low, might arouse our disgust at the start of the play, but underneath the imperiousness and greed, there’s a hint of humanity which comes out in force later in the play... Eugenia’s emotional performance lays bare his fears and regrets and it’s impossible to feel no sympathy at all. I’ve never seen a Richard II more broken and Eugenia ensures we feel that pain too."

- Cal, Mobile Theatre

As Achilles in Shakescene Shakespeare 'T


Shakescene Shakespeare: Julius Caesar

Lockdown Zoom Livestreams, 2020

"Eugenia Low gives a very moving performance as Mark Antony. When I think of Shakespeare’s great tragedies, I think of HamletOthelloKing LearMacbethRomeo & Juliet. Much as I like Julius Caesar, it doesn’t usually have the same sort of impact and it feels more like a drama than a tragedy but Eugenia brought out the tragedy brilliantly. Her ‘Friends, Romans, countrymen’ speech is riveting."

- Dave, Mobile Theatre



Shakescene Shakespeare: Measure for Measure

Lockdown Zoom Livestreams, 2020

"[T]he brilliant Eugenia Low... always makes a great and memorable impression in small roles and it was very exciting to see her in the important role of Isabella. Her performance highlights Isabella’s physical and emotional vulnerability as she is plunged into situations she might not have known existed and would certainly not have expected to be part of, herself. It’s a gripping performance of touching innocence which turns to complete desperation."

- Cal, Mobile Theatre


Hachette Audio - Audiobook:
Peach Blossom Spring by Melissa Fu, 2022


“I listened to this book on audio and the narrator, Eugenia Low, was excellent. She was able to voice multiple characters and made them sound authentic.” (Ashley H.)

“Narrator Eugenia Low did a great job. Her voice is pleasant, calm, and sounds authentic.” (Mel K.)

“The narrator is sheer perfection, as is the storyline.” (Amie G.)

“… this book was phenomenal as an audio and the narrator truly made these stories come alive.” (Kaleigh W.)

“Eugenia Low's audio is beautiful with a great rhythm that captures the lyricism of the text.” (Mary G.)

- Members' Reviews,


The Show Must Go Online & Quirk Books

William Shakespeare's Star Wars, 2020


"While only a few short scenes are performed, they are all incredibly well-executed... [T]here's a brilliance to Eugenia Low's realisation of R2-D2. Adorned in face paint and a comically large ruff, she provides the expected beeps and squeaks while also offering insights through a monologue that is an incredibly humorous turn of events."

- Nico Marrone, The Wee Review


Taking Flight 2017

New Diorama Theatre

"Eugenia Low is particularly hilarious as Nguyen; her deadpan remarks that exasperate her daughter... are wonderful and delivered with excellent comic timing"

- Emily Pulham, Everything Theatre

"BC... represents the microcosm of the British-Chinese community... Eugenia Low portrays a British immigrant with great veracity"

- Madhia Hussain, Live Theatre UK


The Tempest

Cockpit Theatre, 2016

"[A} fresh production with some impressive verse speaking and crystal clear story telling... Eugenia Low manages to create a compelling blend of light other worldliness and physical solidity in Ariel."

- Susan Elkin, Sardines Magazine

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